Focus on result - not the story

  • The demand for batteries will increase and effect the volume of raw material.

  • By using today’s battery chemistry, there will be a lack of raw materials starting form 2024. This will drive the prises up. New technology in battery chemistry is therefore required to replace existing raw materials.

  • Our goal is cathode active material technology for Co-free sustainable Li-ion batteries.

  • The result of our research so far is a patent protected LKMNO cathode material, which is cobalt-free, low-nickel and less lithium material solution. We have also replaced natural graphite with a patented renewable CAG anode material technology. The result shows lower cost and higher power output compared with State-of-the-Art Li-ion battery chemistries.

  • Having focus on expected battery demand and raw materials consequences, our material technology is ready for recycle loop for reusing of costly metals from used batteries.

  • Acting as a small and dedicated organization with the support of Jagiellonian University (Krakow Poland) , gives us a good platform for further development to achieve our goal which is Climate Neutral Battery.